A cognitive-behavioral therapist with a practice focus on families and children, serving the English-speaking community in Paris


Parent Consultations

A first step, consultations take place with the parents and help to identify the primary problem and the goals for change. 

After a consultation, you will receive a detailed summary and plan.  For some, this one time service is enough to help focus attention and provide direction for change.  For others, it serves as a starting point for ongoing collaboration.


Family Intervention

Sometimes, teaching communication skills to the whole family is what's most needed.  In these situations, family meetings and facilitated family sessions can be part of the plan.  Teaching a family how to talk together and listen carefully, leads to greater harmony and the establishment of goals that benefit everyone.  


Child therapy

All direct work with a child happens in your home, where the child is the most comfortable.  Therapeutic services are tailored to meet the child's age and the goals of the intervention.  Play therapy, emotional awareness activies, and cognitive behavioral therapy is all directed towards changing behavior, ameliorating anxiety, enhancing self-esteem and increasing success.